Passion, exclusivity, competence, trust. No one knows exactly why people hire Tom Hintz as their luxury real estate broker.  But here's the consensus so far... Some have said it’s because he can sell a house faster than a speeding bullet, or that he has marketing and negotiation skills second to none.  Others say it’s his knowledge of property values, local neighborhoods and hotspots, and his ability to focus on each client's unique situation.  Still, more speculate it’s the level of expertise and dedication he gives to all of his clients, his responsiveness, friendly demeanor, and dynamic personality.  Hmm... Could it be his winning track record and years of experience?  Tom has specialized in the luxury and vacation home markets since being licensed for real estate,  nearly 20 years.  Clients enjoy his specialized knowledge and his unique perspective of the luxury real estate market. If you ask Tom Hintz why people hire him, he’ll most likely tell you that everyone has different goals, expectations and reasons. “I realize that no two people want or need the same thing, so I dive in, ask pertinent questions, and discover what’s important to my clients. Then I go to work and get the job done for them.”  One thing is for certain - When you put Tom Hintz on your team, you will have a powerful real estate professional who gets the job done. A team that gets you results, with a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction.  Tom is passionate about luxury and driven by success, he will work hard for you.  Tom lives in the “Pearl District” of Portland, Oregon.  He loves to travel, discover new places, eat great food, meet new friends, and of course anything to do with luxury properties around the world.  Oh, just one more thing.  When you are all moved in, sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your new home, maybe you could ponder on just one thing for a moment... Everyone’s curious: Why do people hire Tom Hintz as their luxury real estate broker? #WhyHireTom   @WhyHireTom Get every luxury property at your fingertips.  Get My Mobile Real Estate App! (Copy Link) http://app.evrealestate.com/EVTOMHINTZ/